I guess in order to want to read someone’s blog you have to feel a connection to them on some level. When I choose blogs that I read over and over it is usually because I feel like the author and I could be friends.

Here are a few things that my friends know about me:

1. I have the most amazing, supportive & talented husband in the whole world who also does double duty as my best friend. I respect him more than anyone I have ever met. He makes me laugh and he makes sure that I know he loves me every day! After almost 6 years together I am still learning about who he is and am intrigued by how his brain works. He has never let me down and he cheers me on in everything I do.

2. I have 2 children that are the light of my life, Eliza and Kash. More about them in later posts…I promise!

3. My husband and I started our design business, Union Eighteen, when we met. Seriously, our first email messages to each other were about collaborating as artists and designers. The fact that we fell in love during the process is a HUGE bonus.

4. I have a weakness for good food, music, & art. I feel positive that most of my daily ramblings will be about these.

5. I always labeled myself a Nomad. I chose jobs that moved me every 6 months to a year when it was just Eliza and I. If an opportunity came up to go I would always take it in hopes for a new exciting journey and the prospect of meeting new life long friends. Being married to a successful designer in the textile industry is never dull either, You go where the work is and it is always an adventure! We have lived in 4 different areas of the country in our 6 years together. We miss living in Long Beach, CA and dream of moving back there. Of all of the places we have lived it is the one that we all agree is home. In the interim however, Atlanta, GA is pretty amazing and we will stay here until the time comes to head back West.

6. We always have a new adventure on the horizon. We love what we do and so our lives revolve around it. You won’t find us sitting on the couch watching sports all Sunday, we leave that for our cats. Instead we like to go out into our world looking for inspiration with our kids and our camera. Documenting, creating and leaving our mark.

7. Last but not least, you might be interested about where the name Beard & Bonnet comes from. It’s a pirate story. One full of adventure and discovery born from our last vacation to Charleston, SC. One day I will share it with you.

– Meg

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4 Responses to Meet Meg of B&B

  1. Gayle says:

    Love this, Meg!
    “You won’t find us sitting on the couch watching sports all Sunday, we leave that for our cats.”
    LOL…LOVE you guys!! We were privileged to have you here for a few months xoxoxo

  2. meghan says:

    Found your blog via the gluten free global community and am so glad I did. You guys sound a bit like us- always dreaming and always wanting to live somewhere adventurous (and somehow that always means living out west!) Looking forward to reading your blog!

    • Hi Meghan,

      Awesome! It’s so nice to meet you! I just checked out your blog as well and noticed you are in Tennessee but will be living in Alabama soon. We have lived in both of those states..let’s see..Chattanooga, Nashville and Birmingham. I look forward to reading your blog as well. The gluten free fried green tomatoes made my mouth water. YUM!

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